anielle has a knack with kids; she has her teaching credential, and can never say no to a chance to make people smile. Her goofy personality lightens a room, and her creativity and attention to details make everything she does beautiful.

Her husband is an award winning Wedding Videographer and she has had the great fortune to have been a part of capturing weddings for several years now in locations such as New York, Rhode Island, Napa, The Virigin Islands, Hawaii, and of course all over beautiful Southern California. All this while being a proud mommy to three amazing little ones.



Meet the twins

eanne is an organization freak and will make sure no detail or photo is missed. With 17 years experience in television production management, and budgeting Deanne is prepared and ready to solve any situation that may arise. She has a passion for anything that involves planning, adventure or travel. Deanne loves to document her adventures and has way too many photo albums to prove it.  Deanne's new favorite photo subject and love is her baby boy Dax. Just like her sister, Deanne married a man with a good eye. Deanne's husband works in television as a Director of Photography.